Top tips for getting the most out of your web banners

Top tips for getting the most out of your web banners

Web banners are a critical part of any website. Why?

They help users navigate your site and bring traffic to areas that may be missed. Banners can be used to promote certain products or occasions and can create a sense of urgency and discovery. But how can you maximise them?

Have a clear message

Capture your users with a simple message and a single call to action. Lead with a clear message that is easy to understand; short and to the point. Include a single call to action such as such as ‘Learn More’ or ‘Shop Now’ so shoppers can go straight to the page without searching. A more descriptive button is better for accessibility – avoid simple saying ‘click here’.

Avoid multiple messages

Multiple messages and buttons are confusing. Remember, less is more! Below is an example of what not to do. Hard to follow and the eye can’t focus.

Animate your banners

Animation and movement significantly increases clickthrough rate. Used sparingly, it’s a nice point of difference. Avoid animating all your banners though otherwise it becomes overwhelming.

The whole image should be clickable with a clear call to action to allow for ease of shop.

Optimise for mobile

30% retailers now order directly from their mobile device. Where both available, apps represent between 25%-30% of total digital sales.

So make sure banners work across different screen sizes and devices.