Sugro member app adds industry-first options

Sugro member app adds industry-first options

Users of Sugro’s member app will now get a more personalised experience, after the buying group unveiled a raft of industry-first features.

In partnership with e-commerce provider, Sugro’s enhanced app allows members to take advantage of in-platform communications to boost sales and grow basket sizes.

The new functionality covers everything from setting up in-platform push notifications to advertising and creating banners. Importantly these communications can be targeted at specific customer segments based on things such as customer type and location.

These segments are created within the customer data file and then selected through the admin panel.

Moving forwards, sophisticated segmentation will be available automatically through the panel itself so that comms can be targeted based on transactional behaviour and more.

Finally, there is also the ability to A/B test campaigns in real time giving valuable insights that can be used to improve ROI of future campaigns.

“This latest release of is really important as it’s unique in the sector,” explained CEO Rob Mannion.

“Giving wholesalers the ability to segment their comms and target customers in this way will ensure they can use the digital channel to its full potential.

“Supplier ads can link directly to product meaning customers can add those products to their baskets from the ads. And real-time A/B testing means wholesalers can really grasp the digital opportunity by iterating on the most effective adverts.”

The development is a feather in the cap for Sugro and is the latest step in the buying group’s commitment to offer a top-quality digital offering for its members.

“We already offer a free of charge digital App solution and amid the vital importance of digital in the wholesale channel, we believe that it is imperative for our members to remain at the forefront of the move towards full digitalisation,” explained Head of Commercial & Marketing, Yulia Petitt.

“Our aim is to provide our members with access to all necessary tools and technology that will allow them to continue servicing their customers efficiently.

“The group has had a fantastic half year with sales being up by 20% year to date, year on year with growth across all categories. Personalised targeted segmented marketing will take the digital offering at Sugro to the next level so there is certainly no doubt that the growth will continue into the second half of the year.”