Straight-to-consumer services

When Covid-19 first hit with a vengeance in March 2020, the UK’s wholesale sector was sent into meltdown.

A chaotic whirlwind of activity followed, with retail-facing wholesalers attempting to create a safe environment for customers to shop in and foodservice wholesalers quickly setting up direct-to-consumer services to keep cash coming through the doors. In both instances technology was key, with e-commerce becoming a crucial player, particularly in offering straight-to-consumer services.

That was the topic of Confex Managing Director Tom Gittins’ question to the eWholesale Collective, as he asked what suppliers can do to support wholesalers with the increase in home shopping. The conversation veers between foodservice and retail, with plenty of tips for wholesalers to take on board as Covid-19 rears its ugly head again in the winter months.

On our panel were Red Bull Head of Category Management & E-Commerce, Lotte Tregear, Diageo Digital Strategy Manager Kerry Morrison and Digital Commerce Customer Development Leader Tom Manktelow from Mars Wrigley.

Alongside them were Dee Bee Wholesale Trading Director Andy Morrison, JJ Foodservice COO Mushtaque Ahmed and TWC Director Tanya Pepin.