E-commerce focus for Sugro and PepsiCo

E-commerce focus for Sugro and PepsiCo

Buying group Sugro is partnering with PepsiCo to improve e-commerce performance with targeted advertising focused on different customer groups

By ‘split testing’ adverts, businesses can target multiple versions of an advert at separate customer profiles, in order to identify which has been most successful.

Sugro said the insight it would receive would be extremely valuable for members.

“Selling products online is now a key part of any top-performing wholesaler’s business, so any means to find out what works best online is welcome,” said Yulia Petitt, Head of Commercial and Marketing, Sugro (pictured).

“Once we have run several tests on different variables, we’ll have a much clearer idea of e-commerce best practice and be able to make changes that will result in selling more products in the future.

Sugro and PepsiCo are using B2B Store’s digital advertising technology to run the tests.

“By using split testing, wholesalers can take their digital advertising capability to the next level, with the ability to run several iterations of an ad, product listing or other variable to find what works best – therefore making them more money,” said Rob Mannion, CEO, B2B Store.

“Collaboration is the key to this and we’re delighted Sugro and PepsiCo are leading the way to run this test, with the insight they’re getting sure to be of huge benefit to buying group, its wholesalers and the supplier.”