Delivery apps and wholesale in 2022: an interview

Delivery apps and wholesale in 2022: an interview

We speak with Red Bull UK’s eCommerce Manager Octavia Prendergast about the impact of delivery apps for retailers, and how wholesalers can support retailers with this opportunity

Q. Covid-19 impacted the way retailers shop, with a significant shift to online ordering. What have we learned in the past 18 months?
We’ve seen two models emerge. As depots closed during lockdown, more retailers were purchasing online for delivery or click and collect.

This move to online ordering led to a shift in 100% delivered depots, however driving footfall into depot is still important. Consistent messaging in depot and online is key!

Paying attention to 3 main touchpoints:

  • Pre- awareness emails,
  • Web banners on the website
  • Depot messaging

Q: How can retailers keep up with consumers changing expectations?
City centre consumers are getting used to getting what they want, and fast! There is definitely an opportunity for retailers to compete in this space. Retailers must ensure the following:

  • correct range in stock
  • correct images
  • correct product descriptions
  • managing inventory and out of stocks
  • correct fulfilment of orders

Rapid delivery ultimately is where you will win. Main competitors usually have an hour window for delivery, so a quick delivery time will set you apart from grocers.

Q: How can wholesalers best engage with their retailers to give them advice on this topic?
Have resources available on your website. Offer articles and advice on how to get the set up right. Wholesalers can also partner with delivery apps for cost efficiency.

Q. How can wholesalers build loyalty and grow their sales?
Drive loyalty by fulfilling orders correctly, having the core range available and critically, ease of shop.

Understand how your retailers are shopping on your site. Make sure search works. Price is important, so promote deals using web banners. Having clear information like the size of product is key for usability and retailers like to know how much they can make – do this by highlighting POR.

You can remain competitive and gain an edge by getting these basics correct.

Q. What does 2022 look like with delivery partners?
Consumers are still searching for convenience as they continue the transition from working from home to going back to an office. Symbols and Indies can continue to capture the market by driving loyalty through correct ranging both in store and with delivery. This is how they can stand apart from grocers. Build upon the loyalty created over lockdown and increase convenience.

It’s the same for wholesalers Continue to provide convenience through delivery at an affordable price and retailers will maintain loyalty to their account.

Q. Any parting advice for wholesalers?
Getting online right can really stand them apart from their competitors. Give retailers visibility of pricing, deals, NPDs within brands and drive a more efficient NPD awareness which will drive distribution and ROS. There is a real opportunity to guide retailers on the range that’s going to deliver the ROS in their stores. This in turn will build loyalty. They can really win within wholesale with an ecommerce site that works.