Category advice: Three steps to sales success

Category advice: Three steps to sales success

With Soft Drinks back in growth, how can you maximise the category?

1. Stock the bestsellers

Focus on top brands and bestsellers to grow sales. Just 5 brands deliver over half of the value sales to total soft drinks.

2. Follow the recommended planogram

Follow the recommended planogram to deliver multiple benefits and more sales. Maximised shelf space with the top brand leveraged means a fixture easier to stock, easier to shop. This means satisfied customers who can find what they are looking for.

3. Maximise your shelf

  • To generate sales and satisfy customers’ needs – make every facing count.
  • Satisfy need: customers buy more when they find what they want quickly.
  • Top 5 brands: Top brands work like signposts on your shelves.
  • Share of Space: Aligning space to the bestsellers maximise sales.
  • Easier to stock: Fewer SKUs means less work and more sales.

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